Peter Dunne

Irish scientist-at-large, living in Alsace

Current Projects

Rare Earth Element Separation

Development of efficient, green rare earth element separation in partnership with SATT Conectus.

Microfluidics Without Walls

Flowing liquids inside near-frictionless liquid-walled channels, this new class of devices allow the transportation of delicate, viscous material in non-clogging, clean channels.

X-ray tomograph of a 80 µm water channel encapsulated by a magnetically stabilised ferrofluid

Top: X-ray absorption image of a water channel surrounded by magnetic ferrofluid (purple), in a 3D housing (orange) and NdFeB magnets (black).

Bottom: Side view of 3D-printed holder.


Using focussed ion beams to control the magnetic and electric properties of functional thin films.

Magnetic Field Design

Analytical and finite element methods to design and optimise complex magnetic field geometries.


Enhancement and control of electrochemical reactions using uniform and gradient magnetic fields